“Providing You With Accuracy and Integrity” is the company motto of Larry Steele & Associates.

Since 1978, for almost 40 years, Larry Steele & Associates has been fulfilling that pledge to provide Professional Land Surveying services in Northwest Washington.  Under the guidance of Larry Steele, the staff has been committed to pursuing excellence and accuracy in the survey process, and maintaining integrity with every client.

Surveyors are by nature passionate about their profession, and get excited when planning and executing the precise requirements demanded by the surveying profession.  Surveyors apply professional land survey principles to a great variety of projects, including:

  • Commercial Buildings
  • Residential Houses
  • Industrial Buildings
  • Refineries and Pipelines
  • Street and Highway Design & Construction
  • Hazardous Waste Sites

LSA uses the most advanced fully robotic total stations and GNSS RTK GPS instruments and is able to deploy four fully-equipped and experienced survey crews anywhere throughout the greater Puget Sound Region of Washington State.

By consistently applying and practicing the pledge to continue to “Provide Accuracy and Integrity” to every project, LSA has confidence that the company will continue to inspire confidence in their services for many years to come.